Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living Nightmares

Okay, finished catching up on all those blogs I found. (I even commented on one or two of them! I hope I didn't do anything wrong by that. I acted like I was seriously trying to help them..) Again, nothing I'd really consider "strange" going on.

Still in the house by myself. Jennah normally calls at least once every other day, but the last message I got from her was the uh...oh, the 17th? That was last Monday if I recall correctly. She sounded rushed, though. Out of breath. She said she hopefully wouldn't be gone much longer (ha, she's been gone for the past two months. Thank god there's enough money lying around so I haven't had to get a job). Sounded like she was messing with something metallic. Before she hung up I heard her curse under her breath, too. kinda odd. And that's coming from me.

Well, alright. I take back what I said earlier. I did have another one of my infamous dreams. I want to blame most of it on what I've been reading lately, because of what it had.

To be blunt it was Mr. Thin. I had this creepy dream where he was just standing in my living room, watching me be terrified as I was hiding under the couch waiting for Him to go away. This happened for Christ knows how long, and then suddenly He moved, and had a tentacle...arm...thing wrapped around me. He stared into my eyes with that blank face...and then I woke up.

So, yeah. It sounds like that was caused by what I was reading lately, so I'm not too worried about it. Dreams are dreams, right?

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  1. Dreams are just dreams. There's a reason you don't remember most of them. Don't think too much about it.