Monday, May 30, 2011


Okay, doing nothing but just lounging around this place while everyone’s at work is extremely boring.

I’ve been going around the internet trying to figure out what's going on. At times, though, the screen just locks up. It's very irritating. I've had the computer shut down after letting out this loud noise too. It's overheating, I guess. I don't know. What do I know?

I’d go out, but I would get lost. I don’t know my way around. I think there’s a lake outside. Jennah said it was built for the apartment complex, but we have to pay for it. Why would we pay for a lake? That seems ridiculous. Especially one that the whole complex pays for…

Doc. I haven’t heard from you since I made this. You are reading this, aren’t you? I’d find it a waste of time if the person who told me to write this isn’t keeping up.

Nothing has happened; and everything’s been going by really slowly. I need something to do. I need to know what I used to do. Just anything that would stop the emptiness in my brain from being extremely noticeable.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



My name is Kristal, and I’m an amnesiac.

Well, that’s what my doctor told me.

I don’t know who I am. I was told I had hit my head two years ago and suffered brain damage. I was in a coma for a year and a half, and six months ago I woke up without the slightest clue on who I am.

I was told I was “making good enough progress to be released from the hospital,” and that one of my "‘friends’ would let me live in her apartment." Her name is Jennah. I was also told to make an online journal so my doctor can keep track of what I’m doing.

I named it “Mind’s Prison” as a reference to my situation. My memories are jailed up somewhere inside my head. I’ve been told my sarcastic nature hasn’t left me. Sarcasm is good, right?

Okay, so, if you’re reading this Doc, I made my journal, and I emailed you the link. You should have gotten this if you’re reading it now.

I just returned to the apartment, and Jennah is being extremely nice. That’s all that’s really happening. I can't tell if she's just trying to hard, or if this is really her personality.

Oops. I shouldn't be insulting the person who's supposed to be my best friend.

Well, I guess that's really it. I don't know what else you want, Doc.